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Arctic Cat ZR 120 Snowmobiles

Youth Performance Snowmobiles with Route 12 Arctic Cat!

Adrenaline can only be experienced with a snowmobile that can perform beyond the riders’ expectations! A strong rider needs an even stronger sled – and that’s where Arctic Cat’s ZR series comes in. Built specifically for outstanding performance, Arctic Cat ZR series snowmobiles are a bit more aggressive than your entry-level sled. They’re generally a bit heavier due to the larger engine they’re equipped with, as well as some upgraded suspension systems for superior handling.

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The Arctic Cat ZR 120 is a special ZR model Arctic Cat has to offer. This powerhouse is a smaller sled for the youngest member of your family. Introduce them young to the beauty of cruising on the trail or through the woods with this beginner youth snowmobile! With many entry-level features and safety standards, your adrenaline head will have the luxury of learning the bells and whistles to the hobby many riders grow to fall in love with!

Take a look at the 2015 and 2016 ZR 120 online! Route 12 Arctic Cat’s love for the industry dates back all the way to Arctic Cat’s beginning. We strive to share the passion with riders of all styles and ages. Contact us at (847) 818-8859 for more information concerning our ZR 120 youth snowmobile!

Arctic Cat ZR 120 youth snowmobiles offered at our dealership include:

2016 ZR 120

2015 ZR 120

2016 ZR 120 2015 ZR 120

Keep up with your child's ZR 120 snowmobile by partnering up with Route 12 Arctic Cat's service team! With many years experience repairing snowmobiles, we're here to help. Take a look at our service page for more information concerning our featured repairs!


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